The dive sites suitable for exploration offered by EPIR are situated along the coastline in an area stretching from the Revelatta peninsula west of Calvi to the fantastic dive sites located in the vicinity of Ile-Rousse.
EPIR suggests that clients explore the following sites: the Revelatta peninsula, the wreck of the B17 bomber, the ‘sec du clocher’ (Bell Tower Pinnacle), ‘Punta Spano’, the ‘danger d’Algajola’ plateau, the ‘brucettu’, the ‘calanque’, the ‘naso’ rock formation, the ‘petit’ and ‘grand tombant’ plateaus and the 3 vierges (3 virgins).

La carte des plongées d'exploration : La Revelatta, l'épave du B17, le sec du clocher, punta Spano, Le danger d'Algajola, la punta Vallitone, le Brocettu, la calanque, Naso, le petit et le grand tombant et les 3 vierges.